Established in 1977 by Oral and Christina Guvencel, the company name COG is their initial. COG was the first company in the history of coated foam balls. In the 70’s & 80’s the balls were produced in a small workshop. The product was well like all around the world and the orders extended.  At the end of 80’s, the small workshop was replaced by a new 2500 m2 area. Currently we house our production in a modern building of over 4000 m2, with over 30 employees


Today the company is owned by Johan Kåreby and Roger Johansson.


Superior Quality

Our products are cut out from large, 2-4 m3 foam-blocks.

COG’s own, in house developed and built machine park have a measuring tolerance of 1/100 mm. This results in the most perfect spherical shape.


Over 30 years we’ve developed the coating to perfection; a skin that is flexible, yet extreme strong on todays market with a minimum shrink-factor. This skin provides the products a long lasting life span.

Our coating comes in various colors and contains no hazardous chemicals.

COG products have been tested by accredited institutions for Toy and Sport Market.


Product Development

Since the end of 2005, we have increased our production significantly and extended our machine park. This means we are able to deliver to our customers in 4 weeks.

We have extended our color selection; Standard colors, Neon line, Super-grip Skin, Heat Sensitive and Scribble/Webbing. There are further expansions and ongoing improvements that will bring new, exciting developments to our products.

We have also developed a black/white labeling system that has the same strength as the skin.


Delivery Capacity

In our 4000 m2 production area several lines are run simultaneously. We have the ability and capacity to increase production to handle large volumes.

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